Agent of Fear

Based on a true story.

Feature Fillm
80 minutes

Ellen is a hard-working young woman who is climbing the career ladder. She is in a moment in her life when all she needs is to be given a push so things can take off. Living in London and having a newly started company with a partner - who is a friend, she is about to close an important contract when everything she has built is destroyed.

Donnie, an ex-boyfriend she tries to forget, reappears to haunt her. The Drug Enforcement Administration of the United States (DEA) employee was in an abusive relationship with Ellen and doesn’t accept the end of it, making her life chaotic until she gives up on the breakup. He makes his last move when he shares with Ellen’s clients a torrid sex tape recorded when they were together. With her image looking tarnished and with no alternatives, Ellen leaves that society and returns to São Paulo to rebuild her life.

Ellen knows that Donnie won’t leave her alone, so she needs to turn the tables to restore her image, but that won’t be easy. Building a network of women who have identified with her story or suffered on Donnie’s hand, Ellen will make her stalker’s life hell by unmasking him to the media and the world by exposing his crimes. In a courageous and dangerous journey, Ellen will put an end once and for all to this relationship, to return to live in freedom.

Agent of fear is a movie about change, about how changing can almost become a death experience. When her wings looked fragile, Ellen looked for satisfaction in the acceptance of others and leaned in the wrong places, such as Donnie. Now, she will learn to see her strengths, to be truly free.

Agent of fear is a breathtaking thriller based on a true story.