The Flight of the Scarlet Ibis

A drama that takes place in Brazil outside the postcards

Feature Film
90 minutos

Rosálio is an illiterate bricklayer who crosses the country looking for someone to help him read and write. Eager for knowledge, he follows a lonely journey to make the fantasy of fantastical plots the trajectory of his life. Irene is older than him, a prostitute, and HIV positive woman. Her health is fragile, like that of those who inhabit the narrow margin of society. She barely knows how to read, but it's enough to get by in a difficult and almost colorless world.

In a daily encounter to assuage the loneliness of the bodies, they meet. For her, the intimacy of the other is lacking, the contact beyond the act, which is daily and empty. He lacks only the letters, to know its intricate weave of sentences and the formation of words in text.

In between weeks of an increasingly close contact, Irene introduces him to the alphabet and teaches him how to write, while his days are counted as a reverse timer of life. Rosálio absorbs everything with the same haste with which he tells her the stories of his life, between fantasy and reality. He will make the verb and what he learned from her a new way of living.

“O Voo da Guará Vermelha” (The Flight of the Scarlet Ibis) is a drama that takes place in Brazil outside the postcards and on the edge of cities. With characters invisible to the daily life of large capitals, they belong to the depths of all of us and, if we look carefully, we will see that they are everywhere. A sensitive story of deep love and humanity.