My Wife Has My Cell Phone Password

Based on the book My wife has my cell phone password, by Fabrício Carpinejar.

Feature Film
Romantic Comedy
90 minutes

After a break up, Fábio feels he is lagging behind when it comes to love affairs. Shy by nature, the nice guy from Rio de Janeiro still loves Bia, his ex-wife, who ended the relationship after years and years of missteps on Fábio’s side, but he still believes in a reconciliation. After listening to his poker buddies, our hero is convinced that he needs to join a dating app in order not to become a hermit of love.

After a disastrous first date, the gifted veterinarian has an unusual idea: to change his profile picture to one of his phrases from when he dared to philosophize about life. By doing so, Fábio creates a kind of alter ego named Kill Bill, which allows him to navigate incognito. In no time, Kill Bill becomes a success, proving that a profile is not only about chiseled abs and flashy stuff, attracting those who want something more than just a casual fling.

When Bia decides to venture into the world of virtual dating, her profile is matched with Kill Bill, and she falls in love with him.

It is in this mismatch of identities that Fabio's world is turned upside down. Although he has the chance to win back the woman he loves, he knows that in real life his chances are non-existent. Behind the captivating thoughts and phrases of Kill Bill, Fábio has the chance to learn from his mistakes and improve as a person.

Bia insists on a date with her mysterious crush, but, tired of waiting, she ends up meeting the elegant and picture-perfect Rafa, a romantic 40-year-old man looking for a woman to marry. When he learns that his beloved's heart may be beating for another man, Fábio must run and win Bia back before it's too late.

Between missteps and funny situations, Fábio not only proves not to be the perfect guy, but the imperfect match for the also not perfect Bia.