This is a true story.

Feature FIlm
90 minutes

Sylvie is a lawyer who lives with her husband Jean and two small children in Kinshasa, Republic of the Congo, in 2013. Her husband, a political activist, is arrested by the police during a demonstration but manages to run away and leave a message telling Sylvie to abandon the city because their family is in danger. While Sylvie is getting ready to escape, she is attacked by police officers at her own house, but she survives and runs away with her children to Muanda, a port city on the coast of the Atlantic.

There, they manage to survive through sales in a street market. She works hard to provide for them while awaiting news about her husband. Shortly after that, she receives a clue that her husband is in France. Sylvie and her children leave the country clandestinely in the bilges of a ship.

Due to a route deviation, she is not aware of, they disembark 40 days later at the Port of Santos, in Brazil.

This would not be the first or last surprise in her life. Without knowing a word in Portuguese, Sylvie and her children are sheltered as refugees and need to reinvent themselves, once again, to survive. Now, Sylvie has a new life ahead of her not knowing that a year after her husband and she were separated and clueless about where he was, she would reencounter Jean by chance and without a warning. He had also disembarked at the same port months before.